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Tips on editing patches

Patch librarians

A patch librarian can read the patches stored in the HPD-15 via MIDI sysex, store (and possibly edit them) on a PC/Mac and load them back into the HPD-15 (user patches).

Here is the only Handsonic HPD-15 librarian written in Java runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

Emagic Sounddiver is a patch librarian and patch editor that works with the HPD-15 for both Windows and Macintosh. Download it Mac (3.8MB) or Windows (5.7MB). You need the HPD-15 instrument definition .ada file for Sounddiver (It configures Sounddiver to graphically display the correct knobs and such for functions on the HPD-15) Download it here(41K)

Free Macintosh Universal Patch librarians

JSynthLib Open Source Patch Librarian/Editor in Java. No one has written a driver for the HPD-15 yet. Comprehensive directions on how to do this are provided though. Are you a Java programmer?

A free Windows program than can save and reload patches is MidiOx. It does not do patch editing. Here are simple directions on how to use this program to backup and restore patch and pattern data for your Handsonic.

MIDI info


HPDdisplay Windows program

Version 0.2.1 as of Jan 2, 2008 - a very preliminary Visual Basic program I wrote for displaying instrument assignments for preset patches. (runs on Windows only). It reacts to program and bank change MIDI messages from the Handsonic - showing you a chart for the currently selected patch. So far, it only shows info about the preset patches and Temporary patch, not the user patches. It displays System Settings and the Temporary Patch after getting this info via MIDI. It prints all this info, including diagrams as shown in the screenshot below. Printing code has been completely re-written. (I hope to eventually make this into a HPD-15 librarian). Please send me email with comments and bug reports.

Download latest Help File (.chm 76 KB) This is the user manual - (included with program download).
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Here's a screenshot: (the program allows you to print these charts)