Version History for the Operating System in Roland HPD-15

I've posted this same information to the Roland HandSonic Yahoo Group , too.

I e-mailed the Finnish Roland tech support asking what was fixed in the OS version 1.06. I got the version history since 1.04 and they responded within a few hours. I was also told that version 1.04 is the first public update to the initial v 1.0 release. And I used to say Roland tech support was bad :)
Anyway, here's the info:

Version 1.0:

Version 1.04:

Version 1.05:

Version 1.06:

Where to Get the Updates

Here are the direct download links pointing to the Roland site:
HPD15 OS update 1.06
HPD15 OS update 1.06 readme
HPD15 OS update 1.05
HPD15 OS update 1.05 readme

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