Macintosh Patch Librarians


MIDI Control 1.0

Download 47 KB 3/18/1998

Allows you to contruct windows and controls for sending a variety of MIDI messages.

A general patch editor. MidiControl lets you open windows, and create standard Macintosh controls (buttons, check-boxes, radios and scroll-bars), freely move and resize them, and assign to each control a midi-message of any kind, which will be sent every time the control is clicked.It can be customized with buttons and sliders that can be assigned specific messages. It cannot support a checksum however. You definitely must know at least some of the midi hex-format to fully use MidiControl. NOTE: This program is no longer supported - it is now freeware at the request of the author.

MIDI Museum 1.10

Download 178 KB 3/9/1998

Shareware patch librarian you can configure to work with any synthesizer.

MIDI Museum 1.10 Philippe GagnŽ, 1994

Welcome to MIDI Museum! It's a shareware patch librarian you can configure to work with any synthesizer I know (and a lot more, I hope!). You write scripts in the program's own language which will send, receive, and parse MIDI data. Try it for 30 days and if you find it useful, please send me $30. I worked a lot to make this application. Two things are needed to use MIDI Museum: a MIDI interface and the Apple MIDI Manager. You can find the Apple MIDI Manager in some demo versions of commercial software.

SysEx 4.8

Download 234 KB 3/15/2003

Free universal MIDI librarian. for Mac System 7 thru OS 9

SysEx 4.5.2 Universal MIDI Librarian By Steve Grace

SysEx is a free MIDI librarian program for the Macintosh. SysEx can transmit and receive system exclusive (sysex) messages via MIDI and can save and load these messages to and from disk. SysEx now features user-configurable settings to specify a pause between system exclusive messages when transmitting and to specify the receive buffer size, which can now be as large as 1024 KB (1 MB) and as small as 64 KB. SysEx requires a Macintosh computer with a 68020, 68030, 68040, or PowerPC processor, System 7.0 or greater, and Opcode Systems' OMS (version 1.2 or greater) or equivalent (some versions of Mark of the Unicorn's FreeMIDI, including versions 1.34 and 1.35, can emulate OMS). For more information visit the SysEx home page at

Emagic Sound Diver

Download 3.8 MB 12/15/2003

SoundDiver 3.0 is the most complete and up-to-date MIDI Editor/Librarian on the market. As the direct link into the heart of each device in your MIDI studio, you can conveniently edit every parameter, and catalog, store and organize your patches.

You need the HPD-15 instrument definition .ada file for Sounddiver (It configures Sounddiver to graphically display the correct knobs and such for functions on the HPD-15) Download it here(41K)


JSynthLib 0.18

Website 1.7 MB March 2004

JSynthLib is an Open Source Universal Synthesizer Patch Editor / Librarian written in the Java Language. The project aims to eventually provide support for all existing Synthesizers by providing methods and documentation which allow users to develop drivers and editors for unsupported synths and contribute them to the project. The HPD-15 is not yet supported.

Since it is written in Java, the code can be run on any platform which supports a Java Virtual Machine, with one exception: The implementation of the JavaSound architecture does not yet support receiving from / transmitting to hardware MIDI devices. Therefore, a platform specific MIDI driver must be used. Currently, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions are available.


snoize SysEx Librarian 1.0.4

Website 520KB Aug 2004

SysEx Librarian is a utility for Mac OS X which lets you communicate with MIDI devices using System Exclusive messages, also known as SysEx. The most common use is to backup patch data from synthesizers, although there are others (such as sending firmware updates).

SysEx Librarian makes it easy to keep a library of the SysEx files you use most often, and to record new SysEx files.

SysEx Librarian is FREE to download and use.