From: "suleman_dagger" <>
Subject: More Patch editing tips

Some quick tips for editing patches onboard (this stuff should
allready be pretty obvious, but it can lead to some pretty original
sounding kits, and I'm hoping It might lead to people sharing patch
layouts with the native sounds.)

First of, in the EZ edit mode find the three (A, B, and C) presets
that suit what you're looking for...let's say some tablas on A, a
conga on B, and cymbals on C.

For Each of the keyZones, in the EZ edit mode, you've now got
universal controller option in the key editor, (decay, color, sweep,
pitch, etc...) tweak these a little and find a good sound for each
of the three pad areas.
Now you've got a quick working kit, turn the multiFx on if the
aren't already, (the furthest right button, next to the Dbeam
controller on)
First we've got reverb delay, pretty obvious, find a setting, and
tweek it to the sound you're looking for in the kit. (Sometimes
setting the reverb a little less than half wet can add a lot to
percussive sounds.
Next comes that good old LFO. test that shit out! try adding light
LFO, not to completely screw with the sound, but just color it a
little, (a little warble, if applied well can really add alot, and
if it's pushed too far, the electronic feel is great.
Now The FX: pretty straight forward - I suggest testing all the MultiFX
out, find what you need, (using the FX on/off button in performance
can really add a lot too. (e.g. clean percussion to a heavy LFO/ring
modulator, real trippy)

That's about it for the EZ edit. Now comes the real fun...At this
point you've got a somewhat original Kit, with somewhat original
Processing....But that's only the begining...
Now go through every pad one by one...Customize your kit. I usually
skip the sound parameters at this point..(Sweep, decay etc.) and
tweak them via the general controller knobs latter on.
At this point I'll usually go to the Ribbons and DBeam, and turn the
Control Tx to whatever, (color, cutoff, and rollspeed are three of
my favorites) then I'll turn the percussion pads Control Rx on..
(you can also manipulate Pitch, and few other parameters at the same
time as control parameters. including MFX Mix!!!! I can't understate
MFX mix tweaking enough, pumping the distortion, ring, delay or
whatever can really add dynamics to your performance.

besides expanded control edit, all the other menus are expanded.
Rev/Delay parameters are far more in depth, as with LFO and M-FX. conclusion, Customize!!! Patch editing is a relatively
simple, yet amazingly complex art form, and with just a little work,
you can quickly amass 80 of your own kits, all with fully original
sounds, and let's not even get into using the Handsonic as an
ambient Pad contoller.... Amazing is all I've got to say, you
want space ship sounds, ambient ethereal head F**k, look no further
than the HPD-15 I've played whole experimental sets using only the
Handsonic, (Beats and Bass sequenced, and chained for dynamic song
writing, and crazy space trips live...Amazing)

Oh yeah, back away from the rant dave....Once you've filled your
user banks, you can SYSEX dump all you've done onto your computer,
and start all over again. INFInite possibilites are contained within
those 600 sounds, single Oscillator, and dual Fx prossecors!)

More soon from the mad Percussionist. Next- using the Hdp 15 as a
midi controller. From plugging it into a multi sampler, to using it
to surf you gear, and tripping CC paramets, and using the pads to
trigger sample loops (ala onboard sequencer style) I hear it can
also be incorporated as a Vsynth contoller. (I don't really know, I
haven't got that kind of gear, but regularly read the Roland User
group Magazine/

More later...PEACE