Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 18:49:21 -0000
From: "badubadu2002" <>
Subject: An approach to the HPD-15 Logic

I would like to share an approach to the HPD-15 for Logic users.

Consider creating 2 multi instruments for the HPD-15.

The first enables channels 5 and 6, the default melody instrument
chanels. Use the "Melody instrument patch name" file I uploaded to the
file section and paste the program map into bank 0 of this instrument.

(Be sure to tuse the Options pull down in the program name window, and
not just use command-v. Using the keyboard shortcut to paste brings
down Logic w/out warning.)

Apparently by default this will be used for all the instruments in the
multi instrument. Since the melody instruments don't span banks this
will suffice.

Now you have access to the HPD-15 melodic instrument patches from your
Logic track pulldown.

Let's get the kits!

Create another multi instrument. Enable channels 10,11 and 12.

Use the "HPD-15" patch names file I uploaded to the file section.
You'll have to edit this a bit; I removed the HPD-15 specific patch
numbers (P0101, for example) leaving just the patch name and bank
location before I pasted it in. (I can upload my edited version if
y'all want)

Because the perc kits patch range spans banks I used a different
technique. The mapping follows -

Logic bank 0
your user bank. I dunno how to get those out yet.
Logic bank 1
HPD bank 2, from Latin (conga) -> some of the FX (psychodrama)
Logic bank 3
HPD bank 3, more FX -> loops

In my case I pasted HPD-15 bank 2 into Logic bank 1 as per above.
Set your Bank Message to Control 0.

This gives you access to the kits from the Logic track program change

Yes you can have multiple kits available on at once.
For example:

Track 1 HPD Melody 5(piano)
Track 2 HPD Melody 6(heavy guitar)
Track 3 HPD Perc 10 (Frame Drum)
Track 4 HPD Perc 11 (FILTERED)
Track 5 HPD Perc 12 (forest)