Using the Sequencer

Q. A strange thing I noticed is when recording a part in making a Pattern. The HS asks if you want to "write" the data or not... I hit EXIT (to NOT write) and then play it back and the data I did not want to write is still there, but if I use the data wheel and change to the pattern above or below the current pattern then return to the current pattern the data is then gone. Is this a bug or what?

A. Don't worry about the wheel 'glitch' you found. It's actually handy because you can audition the recorded pattern without a click track, and provided you don't move the wheel you can hit 'write' twice and commit that take if you still want it.

In the sequencer mode all you need to do is go to the pattern you want, hit 'write' once, click the right arrow till you get to a screen that says 'PTN APPEND'...notice the destination.....what you want to do is send it to a new file, like User#55 or whatever, so set the destination as such. Lets say you sent 4 bars to'll first notice that it didn't copy your settings, only the pattern (which can actually lead to some great ideas) so you're probably going to want to set your instruments and all that.....Then repeat the process for other lets say you want to add an 8 bar phrase from User12 after that 4 bars you just sent to User55, simply go to User12 and repeat the same steps.....append to lets say you like the first 4 bars and the last 4 bars in User55 but not the middle 4......go to User55 pattern and hit 'write', then hit the right arrow tilll you come to PTN's the last menu option.....the default is measure 'all'.....use the wheel to select the specific bars you want this case it would read 'measures 004-008' (turn the wheel right 8 times then left'll get it) I think that answeres your inquiry about the sequencer.

Important to note that 'erasing' measures using PTN ERASE will remove the pattern, but not the if for example you 'erased' the middle 4 bars instead of 'deleting' them, you would have a 4 bar rest in between the first 4 and last 4...

hope this helps

-James FJ