REB1200 for Dummies

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This page is a repository for simple information on getting content onto a REB1200 or GEB2150 ebook (also info on REB1100 and GEB1150 now included).

Note: these REB/GEB devices and ebook content are no longer available from Gemstar. Try

ebookwise is now selling a re-branded GEB1150 for $114.95 Check it out here

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updated Dec 19, 2006

  1. About the REB1200/GEB2150 ebook device: FAQ
  2. REB1100 / GEB1150 / ebookwise 1150 / ETI-2 ebook and conversion info: REB1100 FAQ
  3. Where to get free downloadable ebooks
  4. How to convert ebooks, in various formats, using a PC for use on your REB1200/GEB2150
  5. How to move ebooks from your PC to the REB1200/GEB2150
  6. How to put pictures in a digital photo album for your REB1200/GEB2150
  7. REB1200 Links
  8. Technical info about the REB1200 hardware
  9. Software for IMP file conversion

Why are the tools and info on this site important?

If you have the ability to create and load your own content then you can store and maintain your own library of ebooks for as long as you have the REB1200 or GEB2150 or GEB1150. You can use the tools described on this site to convert many ebook content formats to work on your REB1200.

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