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IMP format software

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IMP is an intermediate file format used to store eBook content for several eBook Readers, most notably the eBookwise-1150 and the REB 1200. These devices are end user names for products called the ETI-2 and ETI-1 respectively from ETI. Earlier devices similar to these can also use IMP files if they have the latest firmware upgrades.

IMP Software (commercial)

IMP Software and Utilities (freeware)

  • eBook Publisher from ETI - windows and mac - creates .imp ebooks but doesn't transfer them to the reader (includes viewer and Bulk Convert)
  • BookCreator - is an eBook creator tool (MS Word .dot template with VBScript code) designed to optimize and simplifying the book creation process and can directly create LRF/ePUB/MOBI/IMP ebooks from the GUI.
  • Book Designer - windows - creates .imp ebooks (includes viewer) - uses subpar 1 bit graphics for the eBookwise-1150 but stunning 15 bit graphics for the REB 1200
  • ConvertIMP - windows - IMP GUI Converter/Editor by Michael Scott at eBiz Software. Allows unencrypted .imp ebooks to be converted to .html with images/tables/styles. The goal will be to convert .imp ebooks into other ebooks formats. It presently can convert .imp ebooks into Sony .lrf ebooks.
  • EBook-Tools by Zed Pobre - perl script EBook::Tools::IMP - Object class for manipulating the SoftBook/GEB/REB/eBookWise .IMP and .RES e-book formats. Allows for the extraction of text/images from within .imp ebooks as well as .imp header changes.
  • ebookutils - windows and python script - a collection of utilities which are useful for working with ebooks, specifically the REB1100 / EBW1150 / REB1200, and currently includes the following: impbuild and impserve (see below)
  • impbuild (part of the ebookutils) - windows and python script - automated creation of ebooks in the IMP format. (formerly known as impmake, but is now renamed impbuild)
  • imp_dump - windows and perl script - used to exploded any un-encrypted .imp ebook into it's (decompressed) text and images components with summary information about various .RES resource files.
  • impfind - perl script and with GUI - search a directory for imp ebooks and display information about them
  • ImpGlue (part of Book Designer) - windows - quickly and easily produce a Photo Album (For REB 1200)
  • Imp Librarian - windows - to catalog a collection of .IMP files and produce .csv files for import into MS Excel or equiv.
  • impmeta - windows and perl script - set specific metadata values (like title/author/category) in an ETI .imp file; based on from EBook-Tools.
  • impserve (part of the ebookutils) - windows and python script - content server and internet proxy for the 1150/1200 models
  • JAP - windows - an image-book creation program to produce readable files for the some popular e-book reading devices (Reb-1200/GEB-2150, Sony Reader/Librie, Hanlin V8, PPC) from PDF and DjVu files, or from set of pictures/scans
  • Linreb - eLibrarian for REB1200 and EBW1150 - windows and linux - primitive local content server (send .imp ebook that you have onto your reader without using the ETI servers)
  • LIT2SB - windows and perl script - a conversion tool with detailed instructions on how to convert (many) Microsoft reader .LIT files to .IMP formats (for the EBookwise-1150 and/or REB 1200)
  • Mobi2IMP - windows and perl script - software that converts .PRC/.MOBI/.PDB into directly .IMP formats.
  • PDFRead windows and python script for mac/linux systems - tool for converting primarily PDF and DJVU documents for reading on eBook devices. It does this by creating an image out of each page, enhancing the image and then collating the images in a device-specific format (supports .IMP / .RB / .OEB / .LRF / .PRC / .HTML)
  • RB2Project - windows - takes an unencrypted ".rb" file and converts it to either HTML markup for import into eBook Publisher or directly to a ".imp" file.
  • REBLibrarian (now free) windows - creates .imp ebooks and allows them to be transferred to the reader
  • ShowIMP windows batch file - Show multiple .IMPs in a directory sequentially (for previewing them)
  • Using perl scripts to produce .IMP ebooks and more... - (basic) perl scripts for creating/examining IMP files using the command line (see sample batch files).
    • - windows executables of above perl scripts, namely: Html2imp.exe (see _BuildIMP.bat), examineOPF.exe, infoIMP.exe / infoIMPcsv.exe / infoIMPtab.exe and validateOPF.exe.
  • word2imp and html2imp - windows jscript - using WindowScript (javascript/jscript or VBscript) to facilitate the conversion of .doc/.html directly into .IMP format from the command-line.

  • deimp.exe - windows - to extract just the text from un-encrypted but LZSS compressed .imp files.
  • unimp.exe - windows - to explode .imp files into a .RES directory with all its compononets/records.
  • reimp.exe - windows - to implode .imp files from a .RES directory (same software as sbtest.exe).