REB1200 for Dummies

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Gemstar has released their tools for creating content and downloading that content from a PC to a REB 1200, GEB 1150, GEB 2150, and GEB 2200. You can download these tools from

You have to upgrade your REB to firmware version 3.3 before you can use these tools.

I had to do a hard reset of the internal memory first. This unregistered the book. Upon
reconnection to their server, the option to update the firmware to 3.3 was available.

The new firmware can read .IMP files directly and convert them for you inside your REB. All you have to do, if you have a card reader, is drop the .imp file into the root directory on the card. (OUTSIDE of the "sftbks" folder) and stick the card into your REB.

There are three components to the Gemstar eBook publishing tools:

  1. Gemstar eBook Publisher 2.1 (for Windows)
  2. Gemstar eBook Publisher 2.1 (for MacOS)
  3. RB2Project (for Windows)

Gemstar eBook Publisher is the content conversion and publishing tool for creating professionally formatted content. This GUI-based tool runs under Windows and MacOS and provides the capability to import, manage and preview content before packaging it for viewing on an eBook device.The Gemstar eBook Publisher allows you to create unencrypted personal content that can be moved directly from your PC/Mac computer to your eBook's SmartMedia or Compact Flash memory card. It is important that you upgrade your eBook firmware to version 3.3 for this to work correctly.

RB2Project is a utility that can be used to take an unencrypted ".rb" file (originally targeted for a NuvoMedia RocketBook or REB 1100) and convert it to either HTML markup for import into Gemstar eBook Publisher or directly to a ".imp" file for viewing on the supported devices. NOTE: This utility only exists for PCs running Windows, and is not available for Macintosh PCs.

Creating an an eBook based on an HTML file with the Gemstar eBook Publisher v2.1

  1. Start the Gemstar eBook Publisher
  2. Click File | New Project
  3. Change the Build Target to the device you are building for
    Color VGA == 2150 and 1200
    Grayscale Half VGA == 1150
    Monochrome Half VGA == 1100
  4. Click Project | Add Files and select your HTML file
  5. Click Project | Build Edition
    From the window the pops up:
    a) Clear the Require ISBN box
    b) Type in a title
    c) Type in the Author
    d) Under the "Bookstore" tab be sure the category is filled in
    e) Under the "Build Options" tab be sure the clear the "Encrypt" field
  6. It will prompt you to save the project - click OK and give your project
    a file name
  7. Next, you'll be prompted for a location for the output file (RB or IMP)
    select this location
  8. If all went well, your new eBook should be at the location you specified
    in step 7

Hard Reset Instructions:

1. Put book into sleep mode
2. Press and hold down the page back (left arrow) key
3. While doing that, press and hold down the menu key at the same
time (you will see a "check sum" message)
4. Let go of the menu key first, then let go of the arrow key
5. In the menu, go into "info"
6. Hit the more key once, then again
7. You will see new options to erase internal/external memory.
8. Erase the internal memory. This will unregister the book.

Now you can reconnect to the server and get the new firmware 3.3 If you have content on the online bookshelf, you will need to re-download the books.