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How to make a digital photo album for your REB 1200

You can put digital photos into a document that is an REB1200 ebook. Here's a sample photo album with 10 full-size color photos created with Powerpoint you can download [3.0 MB].

New: simple software from Togoware that will create photo albums from a folders of images on your PC [$]

Do-it-yourself instructions

Simply use Powerpoint to create a document with the images in it, then do Export Softbook (first you must have installed Softbook Personal Publisher) to create an .imp file for your REB.

The max dimensions of the screen are 472 x 592.

The images may need to be sized properly, or they mayl not look good. You should resize your digital pictures to 472 x 595 pixels. You can use Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or similar program to prepare the images. A free program that can convert/resize a whole batch of images is Nconvert. See Nconvert website. [download Windows version - 450k]

Another way to create a Photo Album

The following two commands are what I use to resize my jpegs and create the IMP. This is assuming that your OPF file is named comic.opf.

nconvert.exe -q 82 -quiet -rtype linear -rflag decr -c 9 -out jpeg -resize 472 595 -o %%.jpg *.jpg

html2sb comic.opf

As for the HTML/XML, I took an example I got from somewhere and stripped out everything that I didn't need although I'm not an XML programmer so there are probably some lines that could be removed.

Following is the HTML file I use. For changing pictures, you only need to change the names under the <manifest> section. JPGs do not have to be listed in the <spine>. Note that both sections refer to COMIC.HTML. This is the html file that actually contains the pictures.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
< !DOCTYPE package PUBLIC "+//ISBN 0-9673008-1-9//DTD OEB 1.0 Package//EN" "oebpkg1.dtd">
< package unique-identifier="Package-ID">
<dc-metadata xmlns:dc=""
<dc:Identifier id="Package-ID">ebook:guid-3614089788021470440653115254Lo08</dc:Identifier>

< dc:Identifier>3614089788021470440653115254Lo08</dc:Identifier>
<dc:Title>Losers 008</dc:Title>
<dc:Creator role="aut">Bill</dc:Creator>
<meta name="x-SBP-category" content="Comics"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-subcategory" content=""/>
<meta name="x-SBP-nameondisk" content="Losers 008"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-logdir" content="d:\IMP"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-logging" content="on"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-encrypt" content="off"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-compress" content="on"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-widow" content="0"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-orphan" content="0"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-zoomstate" content="both"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-undlinks" content="on"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-csssupport" content="2"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-destdir" content="d:\IMP\Losers 008"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-projectversion" content="1"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-RLEtrigger" content="200"/>
<meta name="x-SBP-devicemodel" content="SBP-gs"/>
<meta name="x-SBPNuvo-Publication-ID" content="ebook:guid-36140897880214704406531152541555"/>
<meta name="x-SBPNuvo-Build-ID" content="ebook:guid-361408978802147044065311525415553"/>
<meta name="x-SBPNuvo-TimeStamp" content=""/>
<meta name="x-SBP-buildtarget" content="sbe"/>
<meta name="x-SBPNuvo-Content-Feed-ID" content=""/>
<meta name="x-SBPNuvo-Content-Issue-Number" content=""/>
<meta name="x-SBPNuvo-Content-Is-Periodical" content="no"/>
<item id="i18839" href="comic.html" media-type="text/x-oeb1-document"/>
<item id="1" href="Losers_08_c01.jpg" media-type="image/jpg"/>
<item id="2" href="Losers_08_p01.jpg" media-type="image/jpg"/>
<itemref idref="i18839"/>
< /package>

Finally here is the HTML file I use.
< HTML><head>
< meta name='LANGUAGE' content='English'>
< meta name='GENRE' content='142'>
< meta name='PUB_NAME' content='Bill'>
< meta name='RESUME' content='I did this'>
< style type="text/css">
< !--
p.FullPagePicture, li.FullPagePicture, div.FullPagePicture
< /style>
< title>Losers 008</title>
< /head><body>
< p class=FullPagePicture><img src='Losers_08_c01.jpg'></p>
< p class=FullPagePicture><img src='Losers_08_p01.jpg'></p>
< /body>
< /html>

Each JPG must be on its own line in the <body> section as you want one picture per page. The <meta> tags at the beginning might not be needed, now that I look at the code again.

I hope this helps with what you are trying to do. I would recommend keeping one copy each of the HTML and OPF files to use as a skeleton for future projects. That way it will save you a lot of retyping.

Bill Morrell