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Using Samplerbox

Basic instructions for Samplerbox using Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Pimoroni Audio Pirate LineOut

Aug 19, 2021 Glenn Meader glenn@chromakinetics.com

Extensive, more detailed information on the latest Samplerbox usage and development is at: https://homspace.nl/samplerbox/

Using Samplerbox

Connect a speaker, a USB MIDI keyboard, and the power supply cord to the Raspberry PI.

When Samplerbox boots up, you see this.
If you press keys on your MIDI keyboard, you should be hearing sounds coming from the speaker.
Startup Screen

Mode: Keyb means this instrument set is played as regular samples that continue as long as a key is pressed.
It shows you have the 0 Demo instrument set (name of a collection of sound sample files) loaded.
Scale and Chord are empty as those features are not currently enabled.

It shows the WIFI IP address that you can use to connect a browser to the SamplerBox's internal webserver to control it. Just type into yor browser address field. (use the IP address shown on your Samplerbox, of course.)

The A and B buttons scroll up and down in the menu.

The X button selects the current menu item
The Y button goes back to the previous menu level.

Changing the Instrument Set

Press the X button to see the General menu
Main menu - General
Press the X button to select the Preset menu item
General menu - Preset
Now you can scroll through the available presets (Instrument Sets) using the A and B buttons. The instrument set will immediately load.
General - Preset - Demo voice
The "0 Demo" voice of the "0 Demo" instrument set. Instrument sets can have more than one voice (subset of sounds) that you can select.

Using the Web Browser

Using a web browser to connect to your Samplerbox is an excellent way to view and gain understanding of all the available features. It is highly recommended that you connect and view the webpages that are in your Samplebox. Just type the IP address numbers (like this: into yor browser address field. (use the actual IP address numbers shown on your Samplerbox screen, of course.)

Obtaining Samples

There are some sample files you can download from this website (see Samples at the top of the page)

There's more about obtaining samples for Samplerbox here: https://homspace.nl/samplerbox/SBsamples.html