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Samplerbox Command Line

Instructions for Samplerbox using Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Pimoroni Audio Pirate LineOut

Aug 19, 2021 Glenn Meader glenn@chromakinetics.com

Extensive, detailed information on the latest Samplerbox development is at: https://homspace.nl/samplerbox/

Debugging and Customizing Samplerbox

To access the command line in the Samplerbox, open a cmd or terminal window on your computer and type this command: ssh root@ (of course, use the correct IP address for your SamplerBox.)
It will ask you for a password, which is: root
You will then see the Linux command prompt and you can then type in Linux commands.

More info will be added here

Lots of details are on this page: https://homspace.nl/samplerbox/SBbuild.htm

Additional Info

Getting apt to work

If you need to load additional software into the Samplerbox, you will use the apt command. It might not work, because it can't find the software you wnat to install.
Paste the following lines at the end of /etc/hosts file mirrordirector.raspbian.org archive.raspbian.org add dns-nameservers to /etc/network/interfaces

Here is the command to install the software needed to make USB MIDI devices from M-Audio work:

apt-get install midisport-firmware # for M-Audio USB MIDI interfaces