Simple directions for converting a Microsoft Reader .lit file for use on a REB1200

First, download the latest version of ConvertLit or "clit15",

Also get the a copy of SoftBook Personal Publisher

Install the Softbook publisher and make sure it installs the MS Word
plugin (it will usually tell you at the end of install).

uncompress the file into a convenient directory, move a
copy of the .lit file into that directory as well, then open a
command prompt in that directory and run the clit15.exe on the .lit file.
I think the syntax is:
clit15 <litfile.lit> <directory to explode into>\

The result will be some html files, jpg files and an opf file.

Open the html using WORD, check the format of the document, and
insert the image of the cover if you want.
Once you are satisfied with the formatting, go to the File menu in
Word, and click on "Export as Softbook edition..."

If all goes well, you should have an .imp file that you can use on
the REB1200. You can get it onto your REB1200 using several methods:

  1. Using an inexpensive CF reader to copy the file onto your CF card.
  2. Uploading it to your online personal bookshelf, then dialing in to Gemstar and downloading it.
  3. Using your PC as the personal bookshelf via RebLibrarian or GEB

by Costas [] - Jan 9, 2004