Moving Your Personal Content onto the eBookwise-1150

Personal content, such as HTML files, Word documents, plain text files, and Rocket (.rb) files may be moved onto your eBookwise-1150 in several different ways. The methods described here also apply to migrated GEB 1150, GEB 2150, and REB 1200 devices ( click here for more information about migrating legacy Gemstar devices).

Assuming you have a personal computer on which you have stored one or more HTML, Word, RTF, text, or RB files, there are several ways to move this content onto your eBookwise-1150 or migrated Gemstar device:

  1. By uploading content to the ETI personal content server. (Any operating system.)

  2. By using a third party software package, GEBLibrarian, to transfer personal content from your PC to your device using a memory card. (Windows only)

  3. By using a third party software package, GEBLibrarian, to transfer personal content from your PC to your device using a USB cable. (Windows only.)

  4. By using a memory card reader device with the Gemstar eBook Publisher software tool. (Windows or Mac.)

Each of these methods are explained below. Uploading Content Through the ETI Personal Content Server

This method requires no special software installation, just a personal computer connected to the Internet with a standard browser. Because of this, almost any operating system can use this method. This method can be used to transfer files of types:

Advantages: convenient, no special software needed, just a web browser, so works on many platforms such as Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

Limitations: 10 megabyte limit on total personal content, 2 megabyte limit on each individual eBook file. Only one file at a time may be uploaded.

To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the ETI personal content server HERE . (This link will open a new browser window so you may continue to read these instructions if necessary.)

  2. Log in using your device login and password. Note that this is NOT your login and password, but your device's login ID and password, which may be different. Obtain your device user ID by pressing the icon in the upper left corner of your device and selecting INFO.

  3. After successfully logging in, a form will allow you to Select a document to submit . You may click on the Browse button to browse your personal computer for a document.

  4. Click on the arrow to submit your document. It will be transferred to the ETI personal content server. Depending on the size of the document and your connection speed, this may take several minutes.

  5. You may repeat this procedure for each file you wish to transfer to your device.

  6. After all files are transferred, connect your device (using either a phone line or USB cable) and click on the Online Bookshelf tab, your personal content should be available for download into the device.

Uploading Content Using GEBLibrarian and a Memory Card

This method requires you to own a SmartMedia™ memory card and a card reader device connected to your PC, but will allow you move files to your eBook reading device without first transferring them over the Internet.

Content types supported by this method include:

Advantages: no 10 megabyte limit, can transfer multiple files at a time quickly and easily.

Limitations: requires third party software package, GEBLibrarian, a SmartMedia™ memory card, and card reader hardware. GEBLibrarian currently runs only on Windows operating systems. Inserting/removing memory cards repeatedly can be difficult for some users.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Your device must be turned off when inserting or removing memory cards, or the memory card and/or device may be damaged or destroyed. Be certain your device is turned off.

The eBookwise-1150, as well as migrated Gemstar devices, have memory card slots. Memory cards are not included with the eBookwise-1150, but they are inexpensive and allow the device to hold a very large amount of material. Memory card readers are available that will allow a PC to transfer data onto and off of a memory card, and this gives you another way to transfer personal content onto your device. The most convenient way to accomplish this transfer is by using a third party application such as GEBLibrarian.

Required hardware and software:

Steps for installing hardware and software:

  1. Install the Memory Card Reader hardware, typically by just plugging it into your computer's USB port and installing the supplied software if necessary. Follow the instructions that come with the unit you purchase.

  2. Install the third party application by following download instructions from the GEBLibrarian website .

To transfer your personal content using the memory card reader, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect the card reader device to your computer, typically using a USB cable.

  2. Run the GEBLibrarian software by clicking on the icon installed on your desktop, or from the START/PROGRAMS menu on your Windows PC.

  3. Import one or more files into the GEBLibrarian by clicking on NEW and browsing for the file.

  4. Insert your memory card into the card reader hardware connected to your PC.

  5. Click on the content you wish to load onto the memory card to highlight it. You may hold the SHIFT key to sweep out multiple content files at once. Right-click on any highlighted content and select EXPORT TO MEMORY CARD. Make sure you have the correct drive letter selected in the dialog that follows. The personal content files will now be uploaded to the memory card, which may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how large the files are.

  6. When the upload is completed, remove the memory card from your card reader. TURN OFF YOUR EBOOK DEVICE , then insert the memory card into your device. Never insert or remove memory cards when the eBook reading device is turned on. Doing so may destroy the memory card and/or your reading device!

  7. Turn on your device, and your personal content should now appear in the bookshelf area of your device.

Uploading Content Using GEBLibrarian and a USB Cable

GEBLibrarian has the capability to transfer personal content directly to compatible devices using the device's USB cable, without using a memory card.

Please note: Because it is somewhat difficult to insert/remove memory cards, and because inserting/removing a memory card while accidentally forgetting to power off the eBook reading device can cause damage to the hardware, using the USB cable for direct transfers will be the preferred method of putting personal content on the eBookwise-1150 or migrated Gemstar devices once we have it working.

Currently, GEBLibrarian is not compatible with the eBookwise-1150 or migrated Gemstar devices using this capability.

However, we are working with the software vendor to make it compatible. We expect that this capability will be available soon, so please check back here for developments. We will make information available in our newsletter, so be sure to subscribe. Uploading Content Using a Memory card Gemstar Publishing Tools

Gemstar's eBook site contains free publishing tools that may import Microsoft Word documents and RTF files and write them in a format that works on memory cards.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Your device must be turned off when inserting or removing memory cards, or the memory card and/or device may be damaged or destroyed. Be certain your device is turned off.

This is not as convenient as the above methods, but we mention it here briefly for completeness. The Gemstar publishing tools can be found HERE.

Full use of these tools is beyond the scope of this FAQ, but here's a quick outline of how to do it:

  1. Use the File/Import menu to import Word or RTF files. Consult the Help for the Gemstar eBook Publisher tool for writing the file in IMP format. For the eBookwise-1150 you must use the Grayscale Half-VGA target.

  2. Copy the IMP files you create to the memory card, to the top level of the drive letter associated with your reader using Windows Explorer, or any other program which can copy files.
  3. TURN OFF YOUR EBOOK READING DEVICE. Remove the memory card from the card reader and insert it into your eBook reading device (eBookwise-1150 or migrated Gemstar device). Turn the device back on after inserting the memory card, and your personal content should appear on the device shelf.