Links to DMX software

Freestyler - GET IT NOW! Enough Said... (By Raphaël Wellekens)

Manolator - Feature packed Freeware Lighting Console
including audio/video sync via winamp (By Man Martin, Based on DmxDesk9)

The MasterPeace Project - An New Console Emulator for Open DMX USB (By Man Martin!)

Office Wing 1.0 - Control the lighting in your home or office! OpenSource (By Jonny Wester )

StageConsole - Open Source Console (By Glenn Meader)

DmxDesk9 by Kristof Nys - A Lighting console ported to Enttec Open DMX USB (src included) - (port by hippy) Updated 21/09/04

DMXControl - A lighting console, with extensive XML device definitions & more. Freeware!
Open DMX USB plugin is available below

DMXControl Output Plugin - A output plugin for DMXControl made, based on threaded driver
no source code, as plugin code is not GPL :( Updated 9/11/04

Hippy's USB DMX VB drivers

Hippy's LightJockey DMX Input:

Hippy's SoftNode SoftNode converts Ethernet DMX Protocols to Standard DMX ready for your lights. Use a older pc as a ethernet-dmx stagebox. Add more universes to your Art-Net enabled console (grandMA, MagicQ) supports: Art-Net Protocol ( and ESP-Net Protocol (

Other Open DMX USB Software

MagicQ PC - A fully working moving light console, which has native support for the widget,
and also working art-net universes support! 6 Universes! This Rocks!

DMX USB 2 ESP - Convert DMX in from a widget to ESP-Net, usefull for Capture 3.0 lighting visualizer (By Nicolas from Enttec )

Linux Driver and Examples - Excellent (By Erwin Rol)

Open DMX Theatre 16 - Open Source C project

SchwartzPeter - French freeware 120 channel theater console for Enttec USB DMX (English manual online)