LJinDMX Stage Lighting Software

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The Software

LJinDMX - This program receives live DMX from an Enttec DMX USB Pro interface and feeds it to Martin Light Jockey. This provides you with a free live Visualizer, so you can create and view a moving light show in your computer without the actual rig.

Only receives DMX - does not transmit DMX (you have to buy a genuine Martin interface box to do that).

You can use this software to hook any DMX console to LightJockey 2.6-large ( download from -- no longer available...) alternate download mirror:

You can then use LightJockey as an Offline Visualizer to simulate and mimic what your show will look like. It is not necessary to have Martin hardware to use the Visualizer in this manner. Does not work with OpenDMX USB widget (Pro only). Source code in REALbasic is included.

Here's a version for the Open USB DMX interface:

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